Please note that some classes are on-site and some are online. Check the class details for location.

Field trips at the Alliance Française de Chicago

Let your students experience French for a day!

Teachers or group organizers can take their students to France without leaving the country with a Field Trip at the Alliance Française de Chicago.
Teachers may choose from the two following field trip formulas:

Le Simple
One 2-hour activity

Le Double
Two 2-hour activities

Activities can be conducted in French or English based on the proficiency of the group.
The program can also be adapted depending on your group's needs.


Atelier Cuisine

Guided by Alliance Française de Chicago culinary instructors, you will work in small groups to prepare one of our simple and delicious menus. Recipes and instructions are provided in French and in English.

Atelier Cinéma

We possess a wonderful collection of short and full length films, from comedies to moving documentaries and more! We use these films as catalysts for cultural, historical and language talks.

To learn more about our Field Trips, view our pdf.

Field Trip PDF

Field Trip Program 2019-2020

Your Field Trip at the Alliance Française step by step:

  • I. Choose your formula and check our prices:

    Field Trips are available from Tuesday to Friday, 9:30AM to 2:30PM.

    Atelier Cinéma Atelier Cuisine
    10-32 students: $10 /student 10-15 students: $22 /student
    33-150 students: $9 /student 16-20 students: $20 /student
    Atelier Cuisine + Atelier Cinéma:
    10-15 students: $26 /student 16-20 students: $24 /student
    21-40 students: $22/student
    (Two groups of 20 students max. One group in the kitchen, the other is in the auditorium. Then they switch.)

    To ensure student safety, chaperones and teachers must stay with their students at all times and monitor their behavior.

  • II. Choose your menu or your movie:

    Atelier Cuisine
    (Starter for menus: Salade verte & vinaigrette)
    Menu 1 : Quiche Lorraine + Pêche Melba
    Menu 2 : Croissant Jambon ou/et Fromage + Crêpes Sucrées
    Menu 3 : Tarte à la tomate et moutarde de Dijon + Tarte aux poires et amandes
    Menu 4 : Menu breton Crêpes Salées + Quatre-quarts aux pommes
    Menu 5 : Menu alsacien Tarte flambée + Tarte aux pommes alsacienne
    Menu 6 : Menu parisien Croque-monsieur + Madeleines

    Welcome to the wonderful world of French cuisine in our do-it-yourself cooking workshops!

    Guided by Alliance Française French culinary instructor, Isabelle, you will work in small groups to prepare one of our simple and delicious menus. Recipes and directions are provided in French and/or in English. The workshop can be led in either language according to the students’ level.

    Please note:

    • Notify us with any dietary restrictions or allergies ahead of time.
    • Remember! Atelier Cuisine is hands-on, so dress appropriately. Everyone will be “the Chef”!
    • Our menus are designed to best use Field Trip time and our kitchen space. Menus are not subject to modification.
    Atelier Cinéma
    Title Rating Length
    Collection courts métrages (new) NR 90mn
    Le Petit Nicolas NR 87mn
    Les vacances du Petit Nicolas (new) NR 120mn
    Joyeux Noël* PG13 116mn
    Cartouches Gauloises NR 90mn
    Les Choristes* NR 97mn
    La gloire de mon père PG 105mn
    Le château de ma mère PG 98mn
    Les émotifs anonymes NR 80mn
    Le huitième jour NR 118mn
    Panique au village NR 75mn
    Serko NR 100mn
    Le papillon NR 80mn
    La haine* R 96mn
    Au revoir les enfants NR 104mn
    Le Petit Prince (new) PG 138mn
    Le fils de l’épicier NR 96mn
    La grande illusion NR 114mn
    La chambre des officiers* PG13 135mn
    * We have many other choices to choose from, do not hesitate to ask.

    We are offering a great collection o films!

    These films are a window into French culture. You will find these films exclusively at the Alliance Française de Chicago.

    As we commemorate the 100 year anniversary of WWI, we are starting a retrospective of French cinema on this important period of French, and world, history with “La Grande Illusion,” “La chambre des officiers” et “Joyeux Noël.”

    • Contact us for more information.
    • Disclaimer: teachers have occasionally noted elements they found somewhat controversial due to local tastes. We recommend that teachers preview films if they have any concerns about content. For summaries and reviews of these films, see
  • IV. Contact our Field Trip Coordinator, Anne Thénin (by email [email protected] or on the phone: 312.337.1070 ext. 116). He will check our availability, make sure to reserve the space for you, and give you the registration form.
  • V. Fill out and return your registration form with your deposit and receive your receipt.

For inquiries, please call (312) 337‑1070 or email [email protected]@af‑