Les Amis Donors

Les Amis

These donors represent our largest contributors, donating $1,000 or more between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019.

The Alliance Française de Chicago is deeply grateful for their support, without which we would be unable to support our various programs and community outreach. 

Mrs. Margaret Abbott Trboyevic
Mr. and Mrs. William Adams, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Almeida
Ms. Joanne Alter
Ms. Michèle Archambault
Mr. and Mrs. Vann A. Avedisian
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay
Benevity Fund
Ms. Lisa K. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blust
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Bobins
The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
Mr. David Bowman
Mrs. John J. Bransfield, Jr.
Ms. Noelle C. Brock
Brokers’ Risk Placement Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bulley, III
Mr. Timothy Calkins and Dr. Carol Saltoun
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rowan Carroll
Ms. Catharine Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. John Carton
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chereskin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chevalier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul-Henri Chevalier
Dr. Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Dr. Krsitina Orfali
Ms. Laurie Cherbonnier and Mr. John C. Nielsen
Mr. Ralph Wanger and Ms. Monique Clarine
Mr. and Mrs. Henrik Clausen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connellan
Mr. and Mrs. Liam Connell
Dr. and Mrs. John Q. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. de la Fuente
Ms. Carole Crosby and Dr. Larry Wickless
Mr. and Mrs. Hervé de la Vauvre
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Demery
Mrs. Lidia Devonshire
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Earle, III
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Elting III
Mrs. Gayle English
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Fershee
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Ergas
The Annie & Jean Pierre Ergas Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fesmire
Fischer McWilliams Endowed Outreach Fund
Mr. Fred D. Fischer and Ms. Heather McWilliams
Mr. Bruce Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fourness
Ms. Constance M. Frydenlund and Mr. John C. Covell
Ms. Lili C. Gaubin
Ms. Ruth Ann M. Gillis
Ms. Melinda Graham
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hill Hammock
Mr. Michael R. Haney
Ms. Monica McCue Hansen
Mr. John Holmes and Ms. Jenni Sorenson
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Horn
Jewell Events Catering
Mr. George Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. R. Stanley Johnson
Mr. Keith Johnson
Ms. Brenda Kang
John S. Swift Charitable Trust
Mr. Stephen A. Kaplan
Mrs. Jack Karp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kargman
Kausal and Deutsch Family Foundation
Ms. Holly Kleiman
Mr. Karl Kocher and Ms. Kristina Schneider
Mr. Jeffrey Kubik
Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Krauss
Mrs. Christine Laurens and Mr. Xavier Renner
Related Midwest
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Lorin
Mr. Salvadore Maldonado
Mayer Brown LLP
Dr. and Mrs. James McCormick
Mr. John G.W. McCord
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McKinney
Mr. David E. McNeel
Mrs. Martha Melman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Migely
Ms. Sarah Solotaroff Mirkin
Ms. Carol Montag
Ms. Amy Moy
Mr. and Mrs. James Neaylon, III
John D. & Alexandra C. Nichols Family Foundation
Janis W. Notz Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Notz, III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pacholick
Ms. Jean Perkins and Mr. Leland Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Pinkert
Mrs. Stephanie Pirishis and Mr. Joris Wijpkema
Mrs. D. Elizabeth Price
Gillian Ratter
Reed, Centracchio & Associates, LLC
The Estate of Sheila T. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Reum
Mr. and Mrs. William Ruffin
Mrs. Diane Saltoun and Mr. Bruce Braun
Mrs. Francine Saltoun
Ms. Cheryl Sandner
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sandner
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Schink
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Schlemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Segal
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Seguy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sevim
Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sheffield, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Sheehan, III
Mr. Richard W. Shepro and Ms. Lindsay E. Roberts
Ms. Alissa Shulkin
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Souder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Springer
Mrs. Lisbeth Stiffel
Ms. Elizabeth Thiele
Mrs. Ann E. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Unetich
Mr. William C. Vance and Mrs. Carol E. Vance
Wintrust Mortgage

Mr. H. Randolph Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zentner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ziol
Ms. Karen Zupko